Ice Cream, Red Gingham, and Made in the USA

Rosalind Russell once said, “taking joy in life is a woman’s best cosmetic…” but in my opinion, a little red lipstick never hurt. And what better excuse to wear red lipstick than the 4th of July?


I’m fortunate enough to live in one of the founding cities of this country, which means that the 4th of July is a serious occasion. Aside from the traditional watermelon, barbecue and ice cream, I like to celebrate with the 48-hour Twilight Zone marathon. I’ve never been able to watch the whole thing, but it’s a tradition my dad and I started when I was a little girl and I’ve never strayed from it.

So while I’m curled up on the couch with my cats and some retro sci-fi, I hope you’re eating the most American foods you can think of and watching fireworks in the night sky.

Dress“Audrey” Red Check Swing Dress – Lindybop | Petticoat: Va Va Voluminous Petticoat in White Short – Modcloth | Shoes: Oxford Patent Leather Dancing Shoes – American Apparel



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