A Striped Romper, Oxford Pumps, and Dead Like Disco


I may have a vintage soul, but I’ve never been fond of the 1970s, that is, until I lived in London. My frequent shopping spots included a thrift store called Way Beyond Retro and the increasingly popular Top Shop.

Way Beyond Retro was my first positive experience in a second-hand shop. Despite my immediate aversion to their suede jackets and crop-top turtlenecks, I found myself drawn to their playsuits. After several days of debating whether or not to go down the dreaded path of ’70s fashion, I took a leap of faith into my least favorite decade and purchased a romper.

I may have opened up a small piece of my heart to the ‘groovy’ decade that day, but I’m still quite selective when it comes to the pieces I’ll collect, such as this ’70s-inspired romper from Anthropologie.

Stay tuned for my next post featuring my favorite vintage piece from that era. In the meantime what’s your least favorite decade for fashion?

Romper: Poolside Romper by Lilka – Anthropologie | Shoes: Brown Leather Lace Up Oxfords – Office



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