Antique Shops, Teacups, and Pretty in Pink

The decision to move to Boston was easy, finding a place to live, however, was not. After much debate, we finally found our little slice of heaven in Lower Mills, Dorchester. Once we found our soon-to-be home, I hopped onto Yelp to explore the surrounding area. To my astonishment, I found tons of independently-owned breakfast cafes, coffee shops, and an antiques and vintage store called Streamline.

The shop specializes in costume jewelry, vintage clothing, kitchen and barware, anything your midcentury heart desires. Through the window you can see dozens of antique champagne glasses, percolators and soda spritzers. On days that they’re open, clothing and accessories can be seen flowing out of the store onto the sidewalk. Three times a year they pack up their wares and head to the five-day Brimfield Antiques Show, one of the largest outdoor shows in the country (and my personal dream come true).

Dress: Pink Lemonade Dress – Doll Me Up | Shoes: Oxford Patent Leather Dancing Shoes – American Apparel



2 thoughts on “Antique Shops, Teacups, and Pretty in Pink

  1. Hello to a fellow Bostonian! Ok so I don’t live in Boston – I am in Hopkinton! – but it’s always cool to find bloggers in the area! I love Brimfield and have probably purchased from this vintage shop while there! The vintage tent is always my first stops when we get there! 😉


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