Floral Wiggle, Forests, and a Golden Afternoon


A few years ago, you never would have guessed that I liked vintage fashion. I generally dressed in whatever was popular with a strong emphasis on black. The truth is, I was afraid to wear vintage clothing because I didn’t want to stand out. The consequence, of course, was that I wasn’t being true to myself, nor did I feel confident in what I wore.

I bought this dress three years ago for one of my best friend’s wedding and my one year anniversary trip to Disney. I haven’t worn it since. I was nervous that the vibrant colors would attract too much attention, or that I would look too dressed up for everyday society. It wasn’t until I came across Junebugs and Georgia Peaches that I realized my folly. June Cleaver and Amelia Jetson boldly flaunt their retro style, which inspired me to do the same.

So in the middle of this beautifully lit afternoon, I strutted around my neighborhood park in this vintage-inspired dress. I continue to dress this way everyday, whether it’s on the train or walking around the office. And let me tell you, it feels wonderful embracing who I am and what I love.

Dress: Anthropologie | Shoes: Urban Outfitters



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