Polka Dots, Spanish Fans, and Neighborhood Murals


If you couldn’t already tell by my previous posts, I love my neighborhood. It houses this beautiful balance of history and natural wonders, which can be seen clearly throughout my bike trail.

These murals encompass only a sliver of the trail, which stretches on for a couple of miles along the Neponset River. There are scenes of the past, present and future painted along the walls of tunnels used to support the longest running trolley system in the country (which I take to work each day).

I chose a fairly simple outfit for this adventure, not only because it was a staggering 93 degrees outside, but because I wanted to highlight the beauty of the murals.

My favorite is the Native American tribute. It’s vibrancy and historical context to the area leaves it shinning above the rest. Being the nature nut that I am, I’ve always felt that if there were any spirituality about me it would relate to the beliefs of the Native Americans. I believe that the Earth is a higher powe in itself, and that we can all learn a thing or two about how to treat it from the Indians.

Blouse: Girl About Scranton Tunic in Polka Dots – Modcloth | Skirt: Tatyana





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