Vintage Pyrex, Red Polka Dots, and Antiques


I’ve lived in Boston for over two years now and had never stepped foot into this antiques market until last weekend. It was everything I could have asked for and more. There were five glorious floors filled with everything from postcards of the original Star Trek (which I stared at and contemplated buying for a good few minutes) to authentic Mahjong piece bracelets (similar to this one from Luxulite)! Even Anthony, who generally gets overwhelmed by unorganized shops, was swooning over half of the things in there (he even got himself an old Star Wars cup). We quickly agreed that this place was going to be extremely dangerous for our wallets.

I absolutely flipped when I saw multiple shelves stacked with original Pyrex dishes. I picked up so many different pieces only to switch them for another as I climbed the stairs to another floor full of goodies. I finally settled on this little beauty, but believe me I will be back to add to my (tiny) collection! Hopefully I can convince Anthony to let me decorate our apartment (and future house) with things from this market. Although, it may not take too much convincing.

So if you’re ever in Boston, definitely add the Cambridge Antiques Market to your list of vintage spots. Maybe you’ll even catch me snooping around in there for a set of vintage champagne glasses.

Dress: Marnie Dress – Tatyana | Shoes: American Apparel



3 thoughts on “Vintage Pyrex, Red Polka Dots, and Antiques

  1. How fun! Unorganized shops like these overwhelm me but they’re so fun too!! It can be a lot to take in but you can find such great little treasures! I love this dress on you, btw. I tried it on last time I was in Vegas and was able to shop at the Tatyana store and didn’t like it on me. It looks 100x better on you!! 😉


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