Bumblebees, Aging Trees, and a Touch of Green

Living in a city is wonderful, but sometimes you need a break from all the hustle and bustle. The Public Garden is the perfect escape and easily one of my favorite places in Boston. It reminds me of Green Park in London, where I spend my last few hours before boarding a plane back home.

The garden is most known for it’s swan boats, which people line up around the lake for during the summer. There are real swans, too, and a plethora of ducks wandering around with no fear of humans. Every twist and turn of the garden is breathtaking and it’s the perfect spot to lay down and read a book.

I think my favorite part of my trip to the garden was the amount of bumble bees flying around the flowers. I used to be absolutely petrified of bees until I started volunteering at Harvard’s Museum of Natural History. They acquired an observable beehive and trained the volunteers on the behaviors and social tendencies of bees. They’re absolutely fascinating and essential creatures whose existence is constantly threatened by natural and human causes.

If you’re afraid of bees, just remember that they won’t sting you unless it’s absolutely essential for the survival of the hive. Whenever a honey bee stings, it dies. So next time you see one, let it pollinate, go on it’s way and appreciate all that they do for us.

It was brutally hot at the garden that day, so fortunately I had one of my lighter dresses on. I bought this dress almost four years ago, as a graduation treat, and wore it on my first Christmas with Anthony. He took me on my first horse and carriage ride and it was absolutely magical. I hadn’t worn the dress since, but figured I’d give it another go. I fell back in love with this dress instantly! The touch of green at the bottom is my favorite part. I’ll definitely be finding more occasions to strut around in this gown!

Dress: Anthropologie | Shoes: Urban Outfitters



2 thoughts on “Bumblebees, Aging Trees, and a Touch of Green

  1. This dress is so cute. I love the details, the buttons on the back. So pretty!
    The photos are lovely and the park looks gorgeous! I like bees 🙂 but am a bit afraid of the too… haha.
    Much love,


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