Victory Rolls, Car Shows and a Floral Frock

Let me start by saying that I love antique cars. Ever since I was a little girl my Dad would take me to car shows, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve taken it upon myself to go as many as I can find. But just the aesthetics of antique cars isn’t enough for me. My ultimate dream is to own and restore one, and I don’t mean take it to a mechanic and pay someone to restore it; I want to do it myself.

My first love was the Volkswagen Beetle and I want it to be the first car I restore. Naturally, my taste has changed over time and I’ve become quite fond of classic Chevys; however they are more difficult to restore, especially for a beginner. My hope is to own at least two classics that I’ve restored to cruise around in and use for photo shoots.

And on that note, I cannot tell you how many compliments I received wearing this dress. I had people asking if they could take pictures of me with the cars. One gentlemen even gave me a contact for a local group of pinup gals looking to travel around to antique and vintage events for photo shoots!

I truly felt that I was in my element and sometimes I wish I could just travel back to the 50s, what with the fashion, music and all around aesthetics that I love so much. It seems like I’ve finally embraced the fashion in which I belong and could not feel any more confident or comfortable than I do in vintage.

Dress: 1950s Navy Rose Floral & Dot Short Sleeve Emma Swing Dress – Hell Bunny | Shoes: Swing Along Heel in Noir – Modcloth





2 thoughts on “Victory Rolls, Car Shows and a Floral Frock

  1. How fun! Vintage cars are the only kind of cars that get me going. I would also love to own one, one day.

    Your outfit is wonderful and it’s great to hear how happy it makes you, ❤


  2. Ah, all of those cars are so beautiful! We, too, used to go to vintage car shows, and my brother LOVES Volkswagens. His dream is to restore a vintage VW bus one day! I hope you get to reach your dream to own and restore a beautiful car!

    That dress really is gorgeous!

    Kristina |


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