Apple Trees, Pumpkin Patches, and A Vintage Sweater

Growing up in Florida meant you only got to experience one season: summer. Eternal summer meant your wardrobe hardly ever changed from that of shorts and flip flops. You were lucky if the temperature dropped below 65 and with all the palm trees around there were never any leaves on the ground.

Since moving up north I’ve come to the conclusion that fall is the best time of year. There are two reasons to support my hypothesis (clearly I’ve been too deep in my biology studies): outdoor activities and fashion. I love apples and pumpkin, both of which thrive during fall. I can think of nothing more “fall” than picking apples straight from the tree, eating fresh apple cider donuts and drinking warm apple cider while picking pumpkins. And that’s exactly what we did this weekend.


Fashion-wise, fall is all about layering and sweaters. I recently scored this sweater while thrifting in Cambridge and I’m itching to find more. Plain sweaters, such as this, can easily be paired with novelty-print skirts and a thick pair of tights during the fall. Fortunately, there is a plethora of independent thrift stores and Goodwill locations around Boston for me to explore!

Have you gone thrifting lately? What was your greatest find?



One thought on “Apple Trees, Pumpkin Patches, and A Vintage Sweater

  1. So cute! I need to get my bum to an apple orchard ASAP or I’ll miss out. This happens every year – I get so busy! But then I miss apple season so I HAVE to go! This weekend definitely. Love this cozy/casual look! I will definitely be in something similar to pick apples! No petticoat will do for that activity!


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