Fantastic Beasts, Fallen Leaves, and Bettie Bangs

Let me preface this by saying that the Harry Potter universe is my ultimate dream, and after having watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them I fell in love all over again. The beauty of the film came in several different forms: the subtle connections to the modern day Harry Potter films, the aesthetics of 1920s New York City, and Newt Scamander’s dedication to the well-being of his creatures.

Naturally, I felt connected to Scamander being that my goal with my master’s degree is to branch out into conservation biology. His mission, similarly to mine, is to identify and study magical creatures in order to better educate wizard-kind on the importance of protecting said creatures. His knowledge, as you may very well know, is spread through the form of his book, which later becomes required reading for all first-years at Hogwarts.

For this film, I wanted to put together an outfit that reminded me of one of my favorite fantastic beasts: the leopard. I bought this cardigan before I really felt comfortable dressing like a deadly dame. It had been sitting in my closet for about six months before I found this gorgeous vintage skirt from Birthday Life Vintage. I knew the length of this skirt would pay homage to the 1920s fashion throughout Fantastic Beasts, so I took a chance and paired the two. I’m officially obsessed with this combination and am on a mission to find more skirts to wear with this cardigan.

Did you dress up for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? If so, what did you wear?



2 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts, Fallen Leaves, and Bettie Bangs

  1. What a gorgeous outfit – it all pulls together so brilliantly. The skirt is just divine with that little trimmed pocket, and it’s a perfect fit. I haven’t seen the film yet…, but I must!


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