A Plaid Skirt, Rain, and Anything But Your Granny’s Bonnet

It snowed here in Boston last week. Snowed. In November. Ok, so it was only a flurry, but flurries can still ruin your hair!

So what do you do when you want to preserve those stylish locks that you spent so much time perfecting? Wear a bonnet, of course!

Fortunately for me The Bonnit had my back (and hair) covered, and just like their slogan says- they’re not your granny’s bonnet.

With unique styles, such as The Solanah and Ohh Shelly, who wouldn’t want to strut through the rain in style? The best part: each package comes with two bonnets, one patterned and one clear. So if your outfit is too loud for a decorative bonnet, stick with a clear one! You’re sure to get compliments either way.

I had wanted a bonnet for some time, but wasn’t sure where to look. I was fortunate to come across The Bonnit through Instagram and, once receiving their product, became hooked. Not only are they well made, but I can’t help but be reminded of my grandma while wearing one. I keep one set at home and one in my purse, so I know I’ll always be covered come rain or snow, and feel even more connected to my grandma at the same time.

My next purchase? The Sylvie, once it comes back in stock that is.

Bonnets: The Solanah & Ohh Shelly- c/o The Bonnit




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