A Vintage Dress, Dying Flowers, and an Antique Fur

It’s officially December, so the fact remains: it’s almost winter. There’s no denying it, and this Floridian is not a happy camper. We experienced some snow fall this week and, admittedly, the light dusting on the ground was rather beautiful. But the second that snow impedes upon my commute to work I turn into the Grinch.

Either because I grew up in the Sunshine State, or because of my low blood pressure and poor circulation, I can’t seem to stay warm and be the vintage goddess I long to be. In previous years this wasn’t an issue because I lacked the confidence in myself necessary to dress the way I wanted. Now that I’m comfortable enough in my own skin, I’m doing everything to cover that skin (and not in a way that would make my grandmother proud).

I own fleeced-lined tights and fur-cuffed boots, but my coats are less than satisfactory in the vintage fashion sense. So, in the meantime, I’ve taken to this vintage fur stole. Surprisingly, or not since it’s real fur, this stole keeps me incredibly warm, and on top of that it’s beyond gorgeous! But initially I had some reservations about owning real fur.

My philosophy has always been if you’re going to kill an animal then you sure as hell better use every last bit of it. I’m adamantly opposed to hunting for pure sport, so naturally I’ve avoided real fur. But then I came across this stole and have taken on a slightly different attitude.

It  was made roughly 60 years ago. What’s done is done. It shouldn’t go to waste. And at least, half a century later, it’s still being used.

So here’s my message to you: if you like fur, stick with vintage. We should be recycling the fur that still exists, instead of creating more.



5 thoughts on “A Vintage Dress, Dying Flowers, and an Antique Fur

  1. I agree with your fur philosophy 100%!!! There are so many beautiful vintage furs that are a part of history and I think there’s no use letting them rot and go to waste. But I don’t get making NEW furs. That is just wasteful and unnecessary.

    You look GORGEOUS. I adore this combination and these photos, and your bangs look SO good on you, and your hair is sooo pretty. So in love with this whole look!


    1. I was always someone who looked down on people for wearing fur, but I never stopped to think that it may have been a family heirloom or a vintage piece. New fur is unacceptable in my eyes, but using what has already been created is something I’m totally on board with.

      Thank you! I’m starting to spend a little more time on my hair to get more of a vintage set going, but it definitely takes practice!


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