An Antique Trolley, Modern Florals, and Pin Curls

One of the reasons I love living in Boston is the history, but you don’t have to head downtown to experience it.

I recently posted this black and white photograph to my Instagram. It’s an image from 1955 of the trolley station across from my apartment building. This trolley is still running and I take it to and from work every day.

Milton Station originally opened in 1848 under the name Milton Mills. It was a subsidiary of the Old Colony Railroad and was placed on the border of Boston and Milton. The trolley only stops at seven stations, which makes up about three miles. It’s a short ride, but it’s filled with natural and man-made beauty.

The most breathtaking part of the ride is the “Healthy Heart Bike Trail,” part of which I used as backdrop in this post. As you pass over a bridge, you see a field filled with what appears to be wheat stretching over the horizon towards the Neponset River. On the other side, you can peer into Cedar Grove Cemetery, which was established just after the Civil War (pictured here).

I can’t help but love riding to work in one of the oldest streetcars in America, and because of it’s history I wanted to ensure that I captured an equally historic look in these photos.

This dress may look vintage, but it’s anything but. This Birdie Dress in Mustard and Purple Floral from Pinup Girl Clothing has been my dream dress for years. I originally saw it on the beautiful Modern June Cleaver from Junebugs and Georgia Peaches and instantly fell in love.

Years later, I finally have my unicorn. This Birdie Dress’s mid-century housewife cut mixed with outrageously gorgeous florals made it perfect for this historic to modern-day theme.

As for my hair, well that’s another story. I’ve been trying to achieve a more authentic look, but my locks are quite thick and heavy, so the brush out can be quite a handful (get it?).

I’ve been contemplating a Femme Fatal Middy cut (and a deep, natural red color), but it would all be such a drastic change and I doubt my complexion could sustain red hair.

What do you think? Go shorter? Take a risk and go red? Or leave it as is?



24 thoughts on “An Antique Trolley, Modern Florals, and Pin Curls

  1. These photos are so gorgeous, and that historic trilogy station was the perfect complement to this dress! I’ve been to Boston twice, but never really got to explore any of the historic sites. It sounds like there’s too many to see in one trip, anyway!

    So glad you tracked down this dress — I’m thinking about starting a hunt for this dress as well, but am holding back because the Birdie is a little cleavage-tastic on me. After seeing it on you, though, I might just have to go for it, and maybe stitch the neckline up a bit.

    As for the hair question: on first glance, I couldn’t imagine you with red hair, but the more I think about it, the more I think that the right shade of red might be really striking! And if you don’t like it, there’s always the option of dyeing it back!



    1. Thank you! There’s definitely too much history in Boston. You need at least a week to see everything.
      It’s totally worth hunting for this dress! You could definitely always just sew the neckline if it’s too low for your comfort. I can totally see you in the blue version of this dress!
      I’m seriously considering going red. Like you said, I could always dye it back to brown if I don’t like it!


  2. Love, love, love this Birdie on you! I have a floral Birdie too, but with a blue background. They are such gorgeous dresses!
    I say cut your hair! It’ll make it much easier to style it, retro or otherwise. I always love when ladies cut their hair shorter; it’s almost always more flattering to their face, in my opinion. Not that you aren’t gorgeous already!


    1. Thank you! I’m so obsessed with the Birdie and I bet that one looks amazing on you!
      You are way too sweet! I’m already antsy about getting my hair cut and I don’t even have an appointment yet, haha! It’s going to be so much easier to style!


  3. How awesome that this trolley is still up and running and you get to take it to work! It’s like you get to be a part of history!
    You look fantastic in this dress and I am so happy that you were finally able to own it after waiting for such a long time! The print is incredible!
    I think whatever you do to your hair will be gorgeous!



  4. Go for the red! And that’s so cool that you have a piece of history right outside your door, and it’s still running after all these years!


  5. What an awesome dress – it’s perfect on you: the colours, the shape, everything works. I love your hair as is, but I bet you’d style it beautiful whatever you do with it next


    1. Thank you! I couldn’t believe how well it fit.
      I was so scared of the idea of cutting my hair since it took me four years to grow it out from a pixie cut, but then I realized that that’s the only reason I’m holding on to it. It’s time for a change!


  6. You are a knockout – I envy your birdie style. I had one, the magenta, but sold it recently. It was made for a taller gal, that is for sure, and it was swallowing me whole in the length of the bodice and skirt. Arg! Oh well, you are ROCKING it for me. I say start slow with the hair changes – start with cutting it. Hair grows back so why not have some fun and cut it shorter? Play with some new styles. Then if you still want to change the color, why not do that too someday? You’ll probably be a stunner no matter what! You’re too cool like that 😉


  7. What a killer photo shoot! I dig the colors of the dress, especially against the historic backdrop. Also, I wish I had a commute like yours, it sounds awesome!


  8. This dress is AMAZING! I’ve been wanting it for a while too; the colors and the cut and the floral, it’s all so perfect!

    I think it would definitely be easier to style your hair with a shorter cut; I find it’s easier to do with mine. But it’s so pretty long! Such a hard decision!


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