Fairy Pink, Roses & Polka Dots, and the Return of Winter

I’ve apparently been lulled into a false sense of spring, so much so that I pulled my favorite floral frock from the back of my closet, only to have to put away again.

The Emma 1950s Dress from Hell Bunny is a robust mid-century housewife reproduction. The eye-catching design features pink and yellow roses, white polka dots, and several rows of buttons down the front.

The wide collar creates the illusion that the dress wraps around the bodice and secures with the use of the buttons, when in fact, it zips up the back. With the help of the adjustable belt and full, a-line skirt, the dress creates a flatteringly small waist.

Although the skirt itself is quote voluminous, I wanted to add an extra bit of poof, so I made sure to wear a petticoat underneath.

The weather this weekend put me in such a spring-time mindset that I finally wore my Kate Spade Mother of Pearl Clip-On Earrings. I’ve had these sitting in my jewelry dish for months now, but didn’t feel inspired enough to show them off, mainly because winter is positively dreary.

Additionally, I’ve never fully trusted clip-on earrings. My ears have been pierced since I was a little girl, so I’ve never experienced anything other true earrings. I have to say, though, these babies grip your ears. After wearing them for a few hours I have no doubt that they will stay on all day long.

And once again I’m wearing my Ione in Fairy Pink from B.A.I.T. Footwear. I think I need an intervention or possibly just need to buy some more shoes, but look at how perfectly the fairy pink matches the pink roses on the Emma dress! I couldn’t pass up this pairing.

The Emma 1950s Dress is made out of 98% cotton and is machine washable, although you may want to air dry it. It’s available in US XS-XL, but I find that it runs slightly large, so check your measurements before ordering.



21 thoughts on “Fairy Pink, Roses & Polka Dots, and the Return of Winter

  1. This is such a gorgeous dress an it looks so good on you. I don’t think I’d be able to wait till spring – I’d fine a way of wearing it year-round! xx


  2. That dress is sooo cute!!! I’m such a sucker for floral print dresses, so I will definitely have to check this one out.


  3. That print is absolutely adorable, and I REALLY WANT THIS DRESS! Spring won’t roll around here until like… late April/May, so nothing cute for me for now~ Coats and pants makes me sad 😦


    1. It’s such a fabulous dress! I’m not a fan of winter apparel at all. It gets so cold here in Boston, though so I just have to suck it up for a few months. It won’t truly be spring here until April-ish, so we just have a little longer to go!


  4. So so cute! I have been getting into clip on earrings more and more lately. I have pierced ears but in recent years, they’ve been closing whenever I don’t have earrings in (I rarely wear them anymore) so whenever I’d want to wear a pair, I’d have to re-pierce them essentially and NO THANK YOU. Haha! So I started getting vintage clip ons and love them! They can hurt by day’s end (some quicker) but comfort pads help!


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