Teen Angels, Pink Ladies, and Grease Lightning

Grease has always been a favorite film of mine, and honestly, is there anyone out there who doesn’t feel the same way? The clothes, the cars, the characters… there’s simply nothing like it. When I heard that Erstwilder was working on a limited production Grease collection, I knew I had to add some pieces to my growing brooch collection.

I was fortunate enough to pick a couple of my favorite pieces for review, but if you’d like to see the rest of the collection (and I know you do because they’re all gorgeous), head here.

Rizzo’s Rules Brooch

“She looks too pure to be pink!”

Feeling peachy keen, jellybean? Then Rizzo is the queen for you. My favorite character is just as complex as this stunning brooch, right down to her personalized Pink Ladies jacket. This swinging gal may be tough on the outside, but she’s no stranger to heartbreak and this softer side shows in her facial expression on this beautifully intricate piece. Don’t be fooled, though, she’ll never cry in front of you because that’t the worst thing she can do.




Top: Pinup Couture Peasant Top in Black– Pinup Girl Clothing | Skirt: Custom Penelope Dress- Hearts and Found | Shoes: Ione in Fairy Pink – B.A.I.T. Footwear | Scarf: Vintage


Beauty School Dropout Brooch

“Beauty school sure wasn’t as I thought it would be.”

If you’re entering into the wrong career, don’t fret. This dreamy doll in silver rollers and opalescent robe will set you straight. As a gal who sleeps in rollers, and is attempting to head down my dream career path, I had to own this brooch. The towering rollers are set on different layers of resin, adding depth to this delicate piece, and as you sleep you may even hear her telling you to take off your angel face and go back to high school.




Dress: ‘Colette’ Taupe Stripe 60’s Jackie O Dress– Lindy Bop


Rydell Forever Brooch

“We’ll have so much fun and get to be life-long friends!”

Whether you’re a jock, nerd, Greaser or Pink Lady, you’re gonna want to remember your time at Rydell High forever. This baby is full of pages so all of your closest friends can wish you farewell for the summer. But if you’re anything like Patty Simcox, you can’t wait for summer to end because you love the first day of school.




Cardigan: H&M | Blouse: Senior Editor Top – Modcloth | Skirt: Pinup Couture Jenny Skirt in Black– Pinup Girl Clothing | Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing | Necklace: Vintage
Rizzo’s Rules Brooch, Beauty School Dropout Brooch, and Rydell Forever Brooch c/o Erstwilder. Special thanks to Natalie and the Erstwilder team for this dream come true collaborative opportunity.

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12 thoughts on “Teen Angels, Pink Ladies, and Grease Lightning

  1. Oh my gosh, you are so adorable. I love those looks! I can’t wait to check out the links as I’m currently sitting here in sweats and an inside out shirt. So yeah, my style needs sprucing up. 😀


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