Peach Colored Roses, Vintage Shoes, and a Cocktail Dress

I find it difficult to pinpoint a specific actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood who opened my eyes to the glamorous aesthetic of fashion at that time. That being said, one of the women who’s closet I’ve undoubtedly wanted to travel back in time to is Grace Kelly. Not only was she exquisite in nature, but each piece of clothing she donned was more beautiful than the last. Fortunately, I don’t have to invent a time machine to feel as ravishing as she was because Vivien of Holloway creates breathtaking dresses from authentic vintage patterns, such as this Grace Dress in Victory Rose Peach.


Vivien of Holloway was founded on the idea of creating stunning pieces with the purest essence of vintage fashion, but designing them to fit and flatter today’s women of every size. Vivien, the founder, has been sewing vintage-inspired clothing since the age of ten and launched Vivien of Holloway back in 2000. All of their pieces are proudly made in the U.K. and are adapted from genuine vintage designs. Their creations have gained popularity throughout the globe, reaching their goal of making the world a more glamorous place each day.


The Grace Dress is no exception to Vivien of Holloway’s vintage aesthetic. It closely mimics the ever so popular Cocktail Dress, which originated in 1948 and was designed by a well known designer called Dior. The idea behind the Cocktail Dress was to create a tea length day dress with the elegance and sophistication of an evening gown.

Most of these dresses had mid- or full-length sleeves while those with short sleeves often came with matching boleros. Necklines ranged from fully modest to showing a hint of cleavage and decorations or patterns on the fabric were rare. Floral patterns were generally welcome during the summer, while velvet, lace, and taffeta were more popular during the remainder of the year.


The bodice fit tightly and flared out into either a full circle skirt, similar to what you’d see on a New Look Dress, or stuck close to the hips and formed a pencil skirt. Every woman owned at least one or two of these gowns and I can absolutely see why! They transitioned easily from day ware to evenings and were almost always worn with matching necklaces, shoes, gloves and hats for a complete look.


The Grace Dress, like most of Vivien’s garments, doesn’t necessarily correspond to a size as much as it does to your individual measurements. Each garment can be purchased based on bust, waist and hip measurements, which you can select from a drop down menu. It’s extremely important to follow their size and measuring guide to ensure an accurate fit. For example, I’m wearing a dress made to a 36″ bust, 28″ waist and 40″ hips and it just so happens that these are my exact measurements, so it fits like a glove.

If you’re in between measurements, don’t fret! This dress is made from cotton sateen, which provides some stretch. Because of the high quality of the fabric (and I cannot stress enough how high quality it really is), its recommended that you either handwash or dry clean each gorgeous gown.


The Grace Dress retails for £110 (or roughly $142 USD), which is phenomenal for this dress. It’s honestly difficult to find the right words to describe how well made this gown is, not to mention the beauty of the fabric. The material allows air flow, keeping you cool, but it not flimsy by any means. This truly feels like the quality of dress that you would find during the 1950s and one that could last as long as those original vintage pieces we find today.

Vivien of Holloway ships internationally for about £9-12 ($12-16 USD) depending on whether you’re located within continental Europe or the U.S and shipping can range from 5-14 business days. Standard shipping throughout mainland U.K. is £5 and will be delivered within five business days.


I know that I practically wrote a speech about how fabulous this dress is, but I’m speechless. Each and every aspect of this gown is flawless and its overall design will make any woman feel like a star. If you’re as floored by this frock as I am, head on over to Vivien of Holloway and snag it before it’s gone because this print is limited edition! And be sure to like their Facebook page during checkout for £1 off of your purchase.


Grace Dress in Victory Rose Peach by Vivien of Holloway (c/o) | Shoes: Vintage | Pillbox Hat: eBay

Special thanks to Marie and the Vivien of Holloway team for this stunning collaborative opportunity

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13 thoughts on “Peach Colored Roses, Vintage Shoes, and a Cocktail Dress

  1. Grace Kelly was definitely my favorite actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood. This dress is stunning. I love that “doesn’t necessarily correspond to a size as much as it does to your individual measurements”. Garments that do that are always much more comfortable!

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  2. So pretty! By the way, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! Head on over to my blog to see it but you should be linked! Much love ❤


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