Pretty in Pink Lemonade

I’ve grown used to people starring at me as I stroll through the city, but as I walked through my beloved city in this outfit, I truly felt like a vintage girl in a modern world on her way to the neighborhood diner for a soda. Never have I received as many positive remarks on the streets of Boston then when I wore this gorgeous Pink Lemonade Harlequin Bobbie Jumper from Miss Fortune.


Miss Fortune has been creating quality goods for lovers of midcentury fashion for over a decade. Owner and designer Laura focuses primarily on the styles of the 1940s and 1950s with a hint of rockabilly flair in each garment. The company began operating out of Laura’s garage in the U.K., selling primarily online, but 12 years later her beautiful pieces are being sold around the world, and I can see why!


The Bobbie Jumper is what initially drew me to Miss Fortune’s website. It comes in a variety of styles- from Harlequin to Spider Web- and you can’t go wrong with any of them. I’ve been mesmerized by the Harlequin Bobbie Jumpers from the moment I saw them, reminding me of 1950s soda shoppes that I long to frequent. Naturally, the Pink Lemonade jumper had to be mine.


The colors on the Pink Lemonade Bobbie are positively delightful! You can stick with bright shades for your entire outfit, as I did, or you can go traditional pink top and black bottom for that delicious but vicious Pink Ladies look. To perfect the 1950s vibe, the Bobby Jumper is cropped to a high waist, so pairing it with your favorite swing skirt or jeans is easy. They are cut thick, making them perfect for the beginning of fall, and are made of stretchy acrylic.


The Bobbie Jumper’s acrylic material has two benefits: stretch and comfort. The length remains consistent, at 19″ from shoulder to hem, but the bodice itself has some wiggle room. For example, I generally wear a size medium in all garments, but I fit perfectly into a size small in this jumper despite the fact that my measurements are somewhat different than what the size chart recommends for a small. If you’re looking for a tighter look, size down, but be mindful that the pattern may stretch.

In terms of comfort, I tend to be weary about sweaters. There is always a chance that a sweater will leave you itchy, but I experienced no irritation from this gorgeous jumper. I wore it throughout the entirety of the city, for more than eight hours, and didn’t feel uncomfortable once. And with winter quickly approaching, I’ll take all the comfortable knitwear I can get!


The Bobby Jumper ranges from £35.99 to £37.99 (roughly $47-50 USD), depending on whether you purchase a solid color or a pattern. Based on the design alone, I feel that these are reasonable prices. Add in the fact that they are expertly created within the U.K. and provide nothing but comfort, I’d scoop up as many as possible.

Shipping within the U.K. starts around £4, while shipping to the U.S. starts around £8 (roughly $10.50), which is pretty standard for shipping across the pond. Shipping times can range from 1-7 working days, depending on where you are located, but this gal is just happy that Miss Fortune ships to the U.S.


Blouse: Bobbie Jumper- Harlequin- Pink Lemonade c/o Miss Fortune | Skirt: Custom Penelope Dress- Hearts and Found | Belt: 1 inch Grommet Belt in White Sateen– Pinup Girl Clothing | Hair Scarf: Vintage
Special thanks to my friend, Idora Yasin, for these stunning photographs.

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