Winter Wonderland and a Wrap Top Dress

Winter is hitting hard early in the New Year and that means that my wardrobe will be full of black and layers, layers, layers. But the foundation upon which you build those layers needs to be practical and, obviously, very cute. Thanks to Karina Dresses, I’ve got both those things covered with this incredibly cozy Margaret Dress.


The Margaret Dress is the quintessential modern-day interpretation of the classic nylon wrap dress from the 1950’s. Wrap dresses were part of the “New Look” era in which the bodice of garments were much more form fitting while the skirt ballooned outward from the waist. Overall, the dresses that fit into the “New Look” category generally remained fairly fancy. For a more relaxed style the bodice was left slightly baggy with ties that let the wearer adjust the fit of the waistline, and the wrap dress was born.


Like the original design behind the wrap dress, the Margaret is made of a fairly draped, criss-crossed bodice that ties at the waistline to create an hourglass silhouette. The skirt flows smoothly over the hips and can be paired with a petticoat (as I have in these photos) for a more traditional look.


The Margaret comes in two different sleeve lengths: short sleeve and 3/4 sleeves, but for these cold winter months, you’re gonna want to invest in longer sleeves! Like all of Karina Dresses garments, the length of the skirts comes just down to the knee and there are multiple prints per style of dress. For example, I’m wearing the Margaret Dress in solid black, but it is available in six other prints for the short sleeve version and 10 additional prints for the version with 3/4 length sleeves.


This gorgeous dress is made from a breathable microfiber, which is machine washable in cold water. There’s no need to dry this beauty, either, because it never wrinkles! Now that’s a girl’s dream come true, if you ask me. The microfiber is super stretchy, so be sure to check the size guide before purchasing. This gown is available in sizes XS-XXL; for reference,  I’m wearing a S/M and it fits perfectly!



Like all of Karina Dresses frocks, this comfy cutie retails for $108, but it’s currently on sale for $88 in limited sizes. I don’t know where else you’ll find a dress this comfortable, well-designed, and travel friendly for this price. Shipping within the U.S. costs $5 and usually takes 2-3 business days to arrive. International shipping is available, as well, for $20 to Canada and $25 to the rest of the world. Free shipping is available globally for orders over $150.


Margaret Dress (3/4 Sleeve) in Black c/o Karina Dresses | Hair Flower: Golden October Comb- Sophisticated Lady Hair Flowers | Earrings: Hollywood Golden Age Glamour Hoops- Luxulite | Gloves & Purse: Vintage | Shoes: Pointed Black Kitten Heels- Steve Madden

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11 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland and a Wrap Top Dress

  1. You’ve captured a great vintage meets chic modern vibe with this ensemble. This dress looks gunmetal in some photos which is a great look too. Love the hair!


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