Keeping Warm, and Stylish, in Navy and Tartan

When I first moved up north, I was under the impression that it was impossible to embrace your individual style while keeping warm during the winter. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days where this is absolutely true, especially during February. But I think I’ve finally found the middle ground and it starts with my new favorite dress: the Valeria Bo Signature Dress from Miss Candyfloss.


Miss Candyfloss specializes in 1940’s and 1950’s fashion with a modern spin. They were founded in 2009 and have been creating stunning blouses, skirts, dress, and coats ever since. Their beautiful pieces are made with ethics in mind, as everything is manufactured in Europe under fair trade conditions which ensures that nothing is mass produced and safe working conditions, livable wages, and overall quality are never compromised on.


I’ve always admired Miss Candyfloss’s garments, not only are they breathtakingly beautiful, they’re also incredibly well tailored to gals with curves. Their designs are limited availability and are created by their own team, ensuring that each piece maintains a vintage, yet modern vibe.


The Valeria is no exception to Miss C’s dedication to quality and design. This wonderfully retro style has a hint of modernity while still holding on to it’s 1950’s influence. The deep neckline gives way to a pleated bosom, which doesn’t hurt when it comes to accentuation. Meanwhile, the waistline is straight and flawlessly flows into a full, pleated skirt that lands just below the knee.




The more modern aspects of the design stem from the collar, sleeves and tartan pattern on the fabric. The collar, if it can really be called a collar, is slightly raised and lands halfway up the neck. The sleeves are a true three-quarter length and fit tightly around the arms. The colors within the tartan print are a mixture of light and dark grays, some navy and a bright wine shade that all tie so flawlessly together, but are ones that I haven’t found within any true vintage pieces.


Miss Candyfloss’s dresses have a decent amount of stretch to them since they’re primarily made from polyethylene and spandex. The Valeria, in particular, feels heavy enough to provide warmth during the winter while still remaining breathable. Despite usually wearing a size medium, I’m donning a size small, which measures roughly 34.5″ in the bust and just over 28″ in the waist. If you’re in between sizes, I would recommend sizing down due to the fabric’s ability to stretch.


The Valeria is priced at €105, or $128 USD, which is a phenomenal price for a dress of this quality. Miss Candyfloss ships internationally, so for those of us in the States, shipping usually costs around $6 USD, which is one of the best international shipping rates I’ve come across. Items generally take anywhere between 5-14 business days to arrive to the United States.


I’ve always been told that I take after my grandmother, hourglass figure and all, so Miss Candyfloss’s dresses are a dream come true when it comes to complimenting my shape. This is not my first, nor is it my last Miss Candyfloss frock.


Valeria Bo Signature Dress c/o Miss Candyfloss | Coat: Vintage | Shoes: B. Makowsky Nellie Brown Suede Oxford Wedge- eBay

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22 thoughts on “Keeping Warm, and Stylish, in Navy and Tartan

  1. You had me at tartan and navy – my two favorites. Love that this company is doing new pieces with a vintage vibe and it looks like they stay pretty true to the times. I love your look!

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  2. I love love love Miss Candyfloss. Their quality is impeccable and the dresses are always so flattering! Not to mention their colors and pattern mixing. OH BOY! This was such a good pick for you – it looks like it fits you perfectly!

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