Polka Dots, A Summer Dress, and A Hazy Shade of Winter

It’s safe to say that we’ve had a mild winter here in New England, which means it’s also safe to assume that I can still wear my summer dresses in the midst of my least favorite season. I’ll give winter this much- it really is beautiful in it’s own way, but after months of nothing but grey and white, a little bit of color is in order. And what color is more vibrant than this beautiful shade of yellow on the Isabelle Polka Dot Summer Dress from Zoe Vine.


Zoe Vine is a London-based designer that focuses on modernizing vintage classics with an emphasis on quality, cut, and fabric. Their range of garments includes timeless wardrobe essentials, comfortable evening wear, and sophisticated statement pieces. They never cease to create an everlasting sense of style with their figure flattering cuts, unique fabrics, and bold colors.


The Isabelle Summer Dress was inspired by a genuine vintage pattern, most likely the ever popular New Look dress, which focused on creating a cinched waist, naturally curvaceous hips, and could be comprised of various types of necklines. The Isabelle had a wide-set square neckline that flows down to the waist through the use of four white buttons- an adorably modern detail that fits the style of this dress perfectly.


The waistline is perfectly cinched, which, if I’m being perfectly honest, is a deal breaker for when a dress doesn’t tuck in my waist and accentuate my hips. The accompanying belt slips into the belt loops seamlessly and can be adjusted for a tighter fit. The skirt is very full and pleated, which lends itself to a beautiful drape along the hips when worn without a petticoat (but I’m a big fan of petticoats).


The Isabelle does run big, so I would recommend checking the size chart and taking your measurements before placing an order. When it comes to U.K. sizes, I generally fluctuate between a 10 (S) and a 12 (M), but since this dress runs large I’m wearing a 10 and it fits like a glove. Additionally, this beauty is made from 100% cotton, which is hard to come by these days and you can feel the quality. Because of this, it’s recommended that you wash it in cold water.


The Isabelle Polka Dot Summer Dress retails for £60 (or roughly $85), but is currently on sale for £35 (or $49)! I can honestly say that you’re not gonna find a dress of this quality for this price. If you love the cut of this dress, but aren’t fond of yellow, it is also available in green (and it’s equally as lovely). On top of that, if you’re not a fan of polka dots, the Isabelle comes in an adorable scooter pattern in two different colors!


Zoe Vine may be based in London, but they ship internationally and have stockists throughout Europe, New Zealand and the United States! Shipping within the U.K. is £4, shipping through the EU is £9, and shipping throughout the rest of the world is £9.


Isabelle Polka Dot Summer Dress in Yellow c/o Zoe Vine | Ivory Faux Fur Shawl– The Oblong Box Shop | Shoes: Robbie Heel in Cream– B.A.I.T. Footwear | Purse: Vintage Inspired Handbag in White– Lola Von Rose | Hat & Gloves- Vintage

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16 thoughts on “Polka Dots, A Summer Dress, and A Hazy Shade of Winter

  1. Oooooo yes, now I am tempted to snag it and twin with you. I really do love this entire look – one of my favorites of yours for sure (I know, I’m a broken record)!!!!


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