Spring Fever, High Necklines, and Florals

It’s finally beginning to feel like spring with temperatures in the mid-forties and clear skies each day, and this little lady could not feel more alive. With this weather comes more adventures into the city and more opportunities to show off my ever-growing spring wardrobe. So when the opportunity presented itself to don this beautiful Button Neck Floral Dress from eShakti, I jumped at the chance.


eShakti is a women’s fashion company that specializes in custom sizing. Each dress they design has the ability to be custom-made to your exact measurements, down to the length of your arms. You can change the neckline, sleeve design, skirt length, and add pockets if you so choose (and who wouldn’t)! You can purchase items as shown, as eShakti offers standardized sizes, but customizing a garment costs a mere $9.95 and ensures that each piece fits your figure like no other.


The moment I saw the Button Neck Floral Dress I immediately thought of the 1940s. It combines the elegance of the classic cap sleeve dress with the asymmetrical buttons that were so popular at that time (which just happens to be my favorite detail of the dress). The cap sleeve dress was typically considered to be an afternoon dress and while this type of sleeve was popular during the 1930s, it took on a new shape in the 40s with the addition of shoulder pads. While this lovely frock doesn’t have shoulder pads, it does maintain the triangular shape often found in cap sleeve dresses from both the 30s and 40s.


Most of the dresses from the 1940s did not have the characteristic flare to the skirt of those from the 1950s. While I paired this beauty with a petticoat, the natural waist and skirt of the dress drapes softly down the hips and forms more of an a-line shape, which is much more typical of dresses pre-1950. The skirt also contains pockets, which every girl loves, and lands naturally at the knee.


As mentioned earlier, you can purchase this dress in a standard size, ranging from 0-36W, or you can customize it to your exact measurements. I highly recommend customizing it, as that is what eShakti specializes in and you’re guaranteed a perfectly fitting and flattering garment.

The Button Neck Floral Dress is made from cotton and knit jersey making it both light and durable. Because of these materials it is recommended that you wash it in cold water. The first few buttons along the neckline do open, but the dress slips over the head for easy ware.


While the Button Neck Floral Dress is currently out of stock, there are countless other dresses to explore on eShakti’s website. They release new designs each day, ranging in style from modern professional to vintage chic. They ship throughout the world and shipping costs are determined by the total value of the items within your order, ranging from $9.00-24.95.


Dress: Button Neck Floral Dress c/o eShakti | Shoes: Women’s Glancy 6-Inch Boots in Black– Timberland | Gloves & Belt- Vintage

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20 thoughts on “Spring Fever, High Necklines, and Florals

  1. I absolutely love eShakti!! I own a few of their dresses and I have to say I love them all. Being able to customize each piece that I order from them to custom fit my shape or suit my preferences is amazing. They are definitely a game changer and I’m seeing that some other companies are starting to follow their lead.

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  2. I can’t believe how cheap this website is considering how specialised the clothing is. I love the dress, it’s definitely something I would wear, especially the print. Will be searching around hard on the website now – thank you! 💚

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    1. Every single time you’ve worn an eShakti dress you’ve looked absolutely stunning! I love their designs, their quality and their prices!

      Coming from you, that’s a huge compliment! Your photos are serious goals. My best friend actually took these photos for me. Whenever she’s in town she shoots for me and I’m never disappointed!


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